Project Pandemic

There’s someone I’d like for you to meet… Me! 

Holy shit… it’s happening. I took the leap.  Not because I felt it was time and not because it was my decision. The universe pushed me because I was too scared to take that first terrifying step of embracing unemployment. Let me tell you a little bit as to why I’m here and why I’ve decided to share my journey with you. 

Less than two weeks ago, this damn corona virus really started to get the best of us in the entertainment, creative and hospitality industries.  For the last three years, I devoted all of my time, energy, and tears to a company that was just absolutely wrecked by the corona pandemic. So it happened, I got the phone call. I lost my job with so many others around the globe. Weddings postponed, travel plans canceled, schools closed…Atlanta has literally become the Walking Dead. 

After getting laid off, I did what any woman going through a global pandemic would do. I snot cried to my boyfriend, drank an entire bottle of wine and felt every emotion in the book. At first I was relieved, because to be honest I didn’t have much of a life and was in a pretty toxic work environment. But then the reality of our economy hit me. NO ONE IS HIRING AT A TIME LIKE THIS. Now look, I know my worth and value as a professional and have no doubt that I would get snatched up in no time. But that’s not what I wanted.

I never want my lively hood in someone else’s hands ever again. So, I did the next thing that any rational twenty something year old would do. I died my hair pink and let me tell you it felt amazing! It was like erasing my old identity and starting fresh. It was at that moment that I totally understood why Brittney shaved her head in 2007.  Total power move. I took myself out of the competition and am crafting myself as THE competition. 

After a few days of absolutely panicking about how the hell I’m going to afford to live and wallowing in self-pity. It hit me. I have a fucking gift. I have knowledge and I can help others through this global tragedy.  For the last three years I over saw the marketing department for a multimillion dollar entertainment district and if I can survive that… I can do anything. I can finally use my skills and resources from working with top executives all over the country to help fellow professionals make their dreams come true and thrive during a time of darkness.

So, that’s why I’m here. I’m here to help. 

This project that I have created is to feed my ever growing appetite for success, but this time…. I’m going to share it with you. I have one hell of an eye for marketing strategy and business development and I hope this blog brings you a wealth of knowledge, value, and resources during this time.  My goal is to bring on clients to come out of this pandemic knowing that you can thrive during anything. 

I’m looking forward to growing with you. Now, let’s boss up and get back to business. 

All love, 

– Cassie 

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