Social Media Growth Tips

Social media consumption is at an all time high and NOW more than ever is the time to grow your brand. Here are a couple of my favorite social media tips that I’ve used with my clients: 


  1. Introduce yourself: Tell your story and why you are here. What should your new followers know about you and what’s going to GET people to follow you? Revise your bio to match your niche. (Keep it short and sweet) 
  2. Tell a story with your captions: Everyone is looking for a solution to a problem now is the time to help them out. This is how you attract higher engagement due to authenticity and trust from your audience. 
  3. Knowledge is power: Offer free tips, webinars, e-books, or any content of value that you think your followers are looking for. 
  4. Talk to people: Reach out to 20-30 NEW people a day. Don’t sell them on anything. Just simply engage in conversation and build trust for future conversions. Also, DM your industry idols – you never know what opportunities can arise. 
  5. Write captions first: Yes, content is king but don’t get lost in it. If you struggle with perfectionism this will save you so much time. Put some pen to paper and figure out your message the content will come out on its own. I also ALWAYS recommend making mood boards to inspo, then present them visually. 
  6. Show your process: Aspiring brands and content creators LOVE seeing how the job is done. #BTS shots are so important in teaching, but also in building trust. TRANSPARENCY. 
  7. Ask for Action: Ask your followers what they want in life. Utilize polls and questions to see how you can better serve your audience. Not only does this help build your organic engagement, but also it gives you a chance to see what content your followers are looking for from you. 
  8. Use your stories to communicate: Stories are great for getting more information out to your users. Voice and video messages are the best way to build trust and connections with your followers. 
    1. Voice/video messages 
  9. SHOW UP : People follow you for a reason. Make sure you are showing your face on your story at least once a day. This builds trust in your audience that you are a real person. They are following YOU for a reason. 

As always I hope this was helpful. Try them out and let me know what progress you see on your instagram. Don’t forget to follow me on IG: @cassiethegypsy_

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