Hello, is this thing on!? ⁣

Remember that one time you launched your podcast and no one listened? ⁣

Or maybe it was the time when⁣

You launched your online course only to get ZERO sales other than your family and friends ( IYKYK) ⁣

That group coaching program you were SOOO pumped about, but no one signed up to work with you ⁣

Your free masterclass that no one attended… ⁣

You went live in your FB group and no one watched… ⁣

It’s not that no one is listening. I promise you there is at least ONE person creeping in the background listening to your message….  ⁣

But how is it that most people can’t hear you? ⁣

It’s Industry norms that we are all made to believe because the “leaders” in your space tell you to do XYZ and no one questions their methodology…. ⁣

It’s the limiting beliefs your friends, family, and loved ones subconsciously instill in your mind. ⁣

It’s the objectives you tell yourself that prevent you from finding your voice and speaking out on what you stand for. ⁣

Want to stand out in your industry online? Speak on what makes YOU feel good & what your audience wants to hear; not what another online “guru” tells you to do. Outside of their own platform most of these online coaches don’t have a diverse background. Not every shoe fits. ⁣

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